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Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Communities Communique
This booklet explains what a Compassionate Community is and how it can help people at the end of life. It showcases Australian developments and puts the movement into context internationally.

Compassionate Communities National Forum
The Compassionate Communities Hub provides insights from eight communities around Australia – including Bunbury – which are working to establish Compassionate Communities through the Compassionate Communities National Forum.

Compassionate Communities Network
This informal group is working to promote the principles of public health palliative care. The network is open to everyone who is interested in social approaches to end-of-life support.

Each Community is Prepared to Help
This 47-page brochure from the UK provides extensive advice and practical suggestions for organisations keen to stimulate and extend partnerships with communities. It provides guidance on ambition six of the Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care, which is ‘each community is prepared to help’. The brochure’s recommendations are all suitable for local interpretation.

Health Connections MENDIP
Look for inspiration to support your local Compassionate Community through this English organisation which trains people to become community connectors. They put local people in touch with the support they need to improve their health and wellbeing and also provide one-to-one support. It also maintains a directory of support services and runs talking cafes.

Healthy End of Life Program (HELP)
This initiative aims to incorporate end of life into local government planning, policy and practice to support residents as they near the end of their lives. HELP is designed to shift the dominant culture of a local community from one where members instinctively decline help from personal and community networks to one that ‘asks for and accepts help’. The program, generated by the La Trobe University Palliative Care Unit, provides a public health framework and resources to guide a local community in developing a collaborative culture for end of life care.

Public Health Approaches to End of Life Care
This UK toolkit provides an outline of the origins, principles and methods of Compassionate Communities, and provides examples to show how theory and methods apply in practice.

Supporting Communities Around End of Life Project
This Victorian project aims to:

  • build the organisational capacity of councils around end-of-life
  • build community capacity in end-of-life support through local government structures and networks
  • improve community understanding of healthier approaches to death, dying and bereavement, and
  • evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.

Ten questions to ensure good end of life care in your area
This document aims to support people with an interest in end-of-life care to influence others in their community by challenging them holding them to account. While it was produced for use in an English context, many issues are relevant across WA.

Weavers are experienced and trained former carers who volunteer to support families and informal carers. The initiative, from the Australian Centre for Social Innovation, has achieved positive outcomes for carers, people being cared for, and volunteers.


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