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Carers, family and friends

Carers, family and friends

Palliative caring
This practical book supports families and carers to negotiate the often uncharted waters of caring for a loved one with life limiting illness.  The booklet is split into sections covering a variety of topics to support and guide people as they care for a loved one.  The topics cover all aspects of the palliative caring journey and include planning and decision-making; the role of a carer; providing care; medicine safety; respite; and death and bereavement.  The booklet also includes useful website links and contacts to other organisations that can provide support to families and carers.

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How can I support my friend or family member?
Finding out that someone you know – a relative, acquaintance, workmate, or friend – is going to die comes as a shock. Their world has suddenly changed. Anxiety, sadness and even anger at the news are all quite common reactions. Many people, though, choose to see themselves as living with a disease or condition, rather than dying from it. This brochure explains that the person will be receiving care that aims to help them live as well as possible and to stay in control. This involves looking after all their needs with physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual support. Importantly, it also involves caring for the person’s family and carers.

How to care
The CareSearch website’s ‘How to care’ section provides information for carers on the practical things that can help daily life.

Carers WA
Carers WA supports the palliative care sector as a member of PCWA. Carers WA is a non-profit, community-based organisation and registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of the estimated 320,000 family carers living in Western Australia. Services include counselling and an advisory line.

Alzheimer’s WA
Alzheimer’s WA supports the palliative care sector as member of PCWA. Dementia is a terminal illness which requires a palliative approach to support and care. Alzheimer’s WA has a wide range of specialised support services, including respite, counselling, education and social programs for people living with dementia and their carers and families.


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