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Palli8 campaign

Palliative Care Australia has launched a new campaign aimed at recognising that it is essential palliative care be recognised as core business for all aged care providers.

As Australia’s population ages and the number of people using aged care services increases, the demand for palliative care in aged care is also increasing. Providers and their staff must be supported by appropriate systems, funding and training to provide quality palliative care.

So they have developed an eight-point plan for palliative care in aged care called Palli8. By encouraging discussion on the issues and by providing some constructive solutions, PCA hopes to better support the aged care industry to deliver palliative care.

You can read more about the campaign, and download their excellent campaign materials at

To launch the campaign PCA ran a live webcast Exploring the critical role of Palliative Care in Aged Care: COVID 19 and beyond. Hosted by Dr Norman Swan the webcast explored the critical role of Palliative Care in Aged Care by bringing together experts representing consumers, the aged-care industry, academia and palliative care.

You can access this webcast here.


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