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Do you have an emerging innovation in palliative care in WA?

The upcoming Biennial Palliative Care Summit on Thursday 26 November will include a section dedicated to sharing a diverse range of emerging innovations related to palliative care from around WA.

Seeking expressions of interest

We are seeking expressions of interest from community organisations; health and aged care providers; and carers, consumer and volunteer groups who are interested in presenting their emerging innovation in a maximum 10 minute time slot.

We invite EOIs on clinical and non-clinical emerging innovations from right across the State. These can include, but are not exclusive to, innovations developed as a direct response to this year’s pandemic.

Preference will be given to:

  • Those innovations that are newly emerging; and
  • Innovations that respond to challenges or issues experienced broadly or by specified groups within the WA community.

What to include in your EOI

Please provide the following information:

  1. Your name, contact information and job title (if appropriate);
  2. Name of your organisation or community group;
  3. Where in WA your innovation is being delivered;
  4. A brief (maximum of 500 words) description of your emerging innovation which must include:
    • A title for your presentation;
    • A challenge or issue your emerging innovation addresses;
    • A description of the innovation including how it was developed, the delivery model, evaluation (if available), and your learnings to date; and
    • Any specific groups of people or communities in WA who are assisted by your emerging innovation.

Due date

Please send your EOI to using the subject line: Emerging Innovation EOI.

Expressions of Interest must be received by Palliative Care WA by Friday 30th October to be considered.



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