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Do you have an emerging innovation in palliative care in WA?

2022 Palliative Care WA Summit – Doing Death Differently

Consumers, carers, clinicians and community working together

The upcoming 2022 Palliative Care Summit on Thursday 24 November at Optus Stadium will include a section dedicated to sharing a range of emerging innovations and project updates related to palliative care around WA.

Seeking Expressions of Interest

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from consumers, carers, clinicians, aged care and community organisations who are interested in presenting their emerging innovation, clinical and non-clinical, in a maximum of 10 minutes each.

Priority will be given to:

  • those innovations that are newly emerging
  • innovations that respond to challenges or issues experienced broadly or by specific groups in the WA community
  • updates on innovations shared at our 2020 Summit.

What to include in your EOI

  1. Your name, contact information and job title (if appropriate).
  2. Name of your organisation, employer or community group.
  3. Where in WA you are located.
  4. A brief (maximum of 500 words) description of your emerging innovation which must include:
    • a title for your presentation
    • any challenge or issue your emerging innovation addresses
    • a description of the innovation, its development, delivery, evaluation (if available), and your learnings
    • any specified groups of people or communities in WA who are assisted by your emerging innovation.

Due date

Please send your EOI to using the subject line: Emerging Innovation EOI.

Expressions of Interest must be received by Palliative Care WA by Friday 28 October to be considered.


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