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COVID-19 and Grief, Bereavement and Mental Health

Palliative Care Australia have recently released a new outcomes paper Palliative Care and COVID-19: Grief, Bereavement and Mental Health which provides recommendations for policy makers, health and aged care leaders and professionals, and consumers and carers to meet the mental health, grief and bereavement needs of Australians during the current pandemic and any future pandemics or disasters.

The paper highlights the likelihood of long-term impacts relating to grief, bereavement and mental health distress for residents, patients, family and staff in health and aged care as a consequence of the pandemic. It also looks at the positive impact of grief and bereavement support provided by palliative care professionals on the wellbeing of people affected by loss.

Some population groups have been particularly vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic on bereavement practices. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have experienced unique challenges as they have been unable to engage in traditional practices. Close interpersonal contact has been restricted, large gatherings have been banned, family and community members have not been able to return to their country communities, or state and territory borders have been closed.

CLICK HERE to read more about and download the paper.


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