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Country WA Primary Health Network

The WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA), through its Country Primary Health Network Great Southern, was selected as a trial site for the Greater Choice for At Home Palliative Care measure. This project aims to improve access to:

  • improve coordination and integration of end of life care across primary, secondary, tertiary and community health services to support at home palliative care
  • build community and organisational capacity, social capital and community empowerment. to create supportive environments for individuals around death, dying and loss

There are two key positions for this project, the Compassionate Communities Capacity Builder and the Compassionate Communities Project Officer, the latter being located within the City of Albany. These roles will work closely with regional councils, community organisations, health services and local communities across the Great Southern to develop sustainable, collaborative end of life care by:

  • Promoting grief and loss as a normal part of life
  • Supporting individual and community health planning for end of life
  • Increasing the death literacy of health professionals, community organisations and individuals
  • Facilitating formal and informal care networks
  • Enhancing social capital


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