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Advance Care Planning

We all want to have a say in what happens in the last part of our lives. By making plans that cover your future care, lifestyle, health and finances, you’re not only working out what you want, you are also making things easier on those around you.

This process is called Advance Care Planning.

More than 80% of Australians think it’s important to put our end-of-life care preferences into writing, but less than 5% of us have completed an advance care plan.

What’s involved in Advance Care Planning?

Advance care planning can be broken into four steps – think, talk, write and share. The diagram below shows you what’s involved in each of those steps.



When do I need to start my advance care planning?

It’s important to start advance care planning early in life when you can speak and decide for yourself. As things change in your personal situation, health or lifestyle, you can go back and review your choices and, if needed, make changes to your documentation.

Want to know more?

Brochure – Download the Advance Care Planning in WA brochure which includes the above diagram as well as information on the tools and documents for advance care planning in WA.

Workshops – You can attend a FREE Advance Care Planning Workshop run by Palliative Care WA. These interactive workshops will provide practical information and help you to make a start with your advance care planning. To find out if one is scheduled near you, go to our events page. Alternatively talk to us about organising one for your community or organisation.  Workshops can be face to face or online. Click here for more information on our workshops.

Contact – The Palliative Care Helpline provides information, support and understanding on advance care planning, palliative care and grief and loss. It’s a local WA line available 9am to 5pm every day of the year, is free, and fully confidential. Contact the Helpline on 1800 573 299 with your questions on advance care planning.

Useful websites – There are a range of useful websites where you can find more information on advance care planning.

  • To help you understand what matters most to you, go to the My Values website. It aims to help you identify, consider and communicate your wishes about the medical treatment you would want in the later stages of life.
  • To access resources on advance care planning in WA in a variety of languages, go to WA Health.
  • For links to all the WA advance care planning documents, go to WA Health or You only die once.
  • For a range of range of resources, information and guides on advance care planning relevant to each Australian State and Territory go to Advance Care Planning Australia.


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