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Palliative Care WA

Palliative Care WA is the state’s peak body for palliative care. We do not deliver palliative care services. Our role is to raise awareness of palliative care and improve access for all Western Australians.
Palliative care aims to manage the physical symptoms and emotional needs experienced by people with a life-limiting or terminal condition, so they can enjoy the best possible quality of life.
Care is generally delivered by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals. The care they provide varies according to each patient’s needs and preferences. Palliative care also provides practical and emotional support to family and carers.
Use our WA directory of services - below - to find a palliative care service near you.


Search our directory of services to find specialist care providers near you.

For more information, see our resources or contact us.

Palliative Caring Booklet 2019

This booklet supports families and carers as they negotiate the often uncharted waters of caring for a loved one with a life limiting illness.

Download an electronic version here.

Contact us at to receive a free printed copy of the booklet (note postage costs may apply for bulk orders).

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Tool helps WA residential aged care staff to identify palliative care needs

Staff at Perth’s residential aged care facilities are being supported to identify people needing palliative care.


Zoe Mitchell is dying to talk

Western Australian social worker Zoe Mitchell has been recognised for her untiring patient advocacy and commitment to palliative care. She explains some of her end-of-life wishes while answering questions from the Dying to Talk Discussion Starter.


Sensible planning approach encouraged for health care decisions

Adult Western Australians are being encouraged to complete an Advance Care Plan, to ensure their wishes in the event of illness or death are known. Less than 10% of Western Australian adults are known to have completed an Advance Care Plan, meaning many families may be left to make difficult decisions in a crisis moment […]


Mum celebrates her son’s life while remembering his death

Lorna Hurst explains her 17-year-old son’s decision to decline palliative chemotherapy at a Perth hospital and instead opt for palliative care and four months of creating memories.


Quarterly Palliative Care Forums


Our next quarterly palliative care forum will be held in June 2019


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